English at experience? Why not! – A survey

English at experience? Why not! – A survey

„experience“ is an english word, of course so why don´t we have any camps in which you can speak english?

For me, it doesn´t make sense and it leads to the question if I am the only one who thinks so. So I did a survey on the idea to create an english-speaking camp or in general to have some english influences in our camp journey and these are the results:

1 Do you like english in general?

  • Nicola: No, I don´t like it, because I am not so good in it!
  • Charlotta: Yes, I like it!
  • Lilly: Yes!
  • Melisa: Yes!
  • Aaron: Well, yes!
  • Aykut: Yes, I like it!


2 How many and which languages can you speak?

  • Nicola: I can speak german and latin.
  • Charlotta: I can speak three languages: german, english and a little of norwegian.
  • Lilly: The languages I can speak are german, english and a little of french.
  • Melisa: I can speak turkish, english and german.
  • Aaron: My mother tongues are german and polish and I can speak russian too.
  • Aykut: I speak german, turkish, english and a little of japanese.


3 Would you like to join an english speaking camp?




4 What do you think about the idea to have some english influences on experience?

  • Nicola: I don´t know, but I think: It could be good!
  • Charlotta: I would like it!
  • Melisa: I think it would be better to have only german in the experience camp!
  • Lilly: Maybe it´s good!
  • Aaron: That would be cool!
  • Aykut: It´s not necessary to have english influences.


5 Tell me one or more funny english words or your favourite english word!

  • Nicola: I have no idea!
  • Charlotta: My favourite english word is friendships.
  • Melisa: That´s „exactly“ because a canadian girl pronounces this word really funny.
  • Lilly: At the moment, I don´t know!
  • Aaron: „Dog“ was my first favourite english word because I hId a dog then too!
  • Aykut: I just thought about „moustache“ (Schnurrbart in german) because it sounds really interesting!


In conclusion I noticed that not everybody likes english the way I do but at least half of the people I asked would like to join an english- speaking camp and maybe that would be enough english influence on experience- which is the other peoples opinion too.

It was a great experience to do an english interview and to get to know other people better too – the language results for example were interesting and the words of the last question quite funny for me 🙂


Autorin: Leandra M1